Hi! I’m Dr Laura Tinkl, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and founder of Lewes Country Therapy Rooms. I am also the founder and Clinical Director of Roots and Wings Clinical Psychology Ltd (http://www.rawcp.co.uk) –  a private child and adolescent mental health service, also based in the village of Glynde. 

My inspiration for founding Lewes Country Therapy Rooms, was borne out of my own experience of trying to find a suitable space from which to offer private therapeutic assessment and support. Like many other therapists in the local area, I found there to be a scarcity of affordable, pleasant and/or appropriate therapeutic space available. 

My hope for Lewes Country Therapy Rooms, is that we can offer exactly what therapists require – private, high-quality, well-maintained rooms, with comfortable seating, natural lighting and suitable desk space for report writing, formal assessments and therapeutic note keeping. Designed purposely with therapy in mind, our spaces offer just that and more. Not only are they fit for purpose, but our rooms have access to public transport and are ideally situated within the most beautiful rolling English countryside. What could be more therapeutic?! Clinicians who rent from us will also have the opportunity to develop professional working relationships with an expanding number of local therapists. 

I do hope that you enjoy seeing the spaces that we have developed, and that they fill you with all the joy that went into creating them!

All best wishes